Tiny Cottons

Tiny Cottons er et spansk merke fra Barcelona. De produserer barneklær av meget høy kvalitet, med blant annet Pima bomull og blekk som er azo-fri. Komfortable barneklær med morsomme og inspirerende print.

About SS17 collection - TRIBUTE

We start this collection with a clear focus, FRIENDSHIP ... from there we start searching for the perfect meaning or FRIENDSHIP expression, 

easily came to our minds dogs, isn`t this the best expression for friendship ? Isn`t  this the most pure friendship, the man and the dog?

Since we admire deeply Saint Laurent`s work, and he was inlove with his dog MOUJIK, we brought their friendship on board, Paris during the 70`s, 

Yves and his loyal friend, a little french bulldog, inspired by this special relationship and moved by the unconditional love, we pay our own tiny tribute 

to friendship, love and art.                                              Welcome to our summer "TRIBUTE" ... to all that matters.